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TagLib::Tag Class Reference

Inherited by TagLib::Ape::Tag, TagLib::Asf::Tag, TagLib::CombinedTag, TagLib::Id3v1::Tag, TagLib::Id3v2::Tag, TagLib::Mpeg4::AppleTag, TagLib::Ogg::GroupedComment, TagLib::Ogg::XiphComment, TagLib::Riff::DivXTag, and TagLib::Riff::ListTag.

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Detailed Description

This abstract class provides generic access to standard tag features.

Because not every tag type supports the same features, it may be useful to check that the value is stored by re-reading the property after it is stored.

Definition at line 103 of file Tag.cs.

Public Member Functions

abstract void Clear ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void Duplicate (Tag source, Tag target, bool overwrite)


virtual string Album [get, set]
 Gets and sets the album of the media represented by the current instance.
virtual string[] AlbumArtists [get, set]
 Gets and sets the band or artist who is credited in the creation of the entire album or collection containing the media described by the current instance.
virtual string[] Artists [get, set]
virtual uint BeatsPerMinute [get, set]
virtual string Comment [get, set]
 Gets and sets a user comment on the media.
virtual string[] Composers [get, set]
 Gets and sets the composers of the media represented by the current instance.
virtual string Conductor [get, set]
virtual string Copyright [get, set]
virtual uint Disc [get, set]
virtual uint DiscCount [get, set]
string FirstAlbumArtist [get]
string FirstArtist [get]
string FirstComposer [get]
string FirstGenre [get]
string FirstPerformer [get]
virtual string[] Genres [get, set]
virtual string Grouping [get, set]
virtual bool IsEmpty [get]
string JoinedAlbumArtists [get]
string JoinedArtists [get]
string JoinedComposers [get]
string JoinedGenres [get]
string JoinedPerformers [get]
virtual string Lyrics [get, set]
virtual string[] Performers [get, set]
 Gets and sets the performers or artists who performed in the media described by the current instance.
virtual IPicture[] Pictures [get, set]
abstract TagTypes TagTypes [get]
 Gets the tag types contained in the current instance.
virtual string Title [get, set]
 Gets and sets the title for the media described by the current instance.
virtual uint Track [get, set]
virtual uint TrackCount [get, set]
virtual uint Year [get, set]

Static Private Member Functions

static string FirstInGroup (string[] group)
static bool IsNullOrLikeEmpty (string[] value)
static bool IsNullOrLikeEmpty (string value)
static string JoinGroup (string[] group)

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